Dear MMA Investors,

Further to the meeting held on 4th June 2016,we are pleased to annouce that our office will be open and operational in effect from Sunday,26th June 2016.

Details of the office below

Ramadan Timing : 10:00 am to 2:30 pm (Sunday to Thursday)

Location : 15th Floor,Office no 1501,Mai Tower,Al Nahda 1,Dubai,United Arab Emirates

Location Map: Click Here

All are requested to kindly bring and submit a copy of all the documents which you Possessed From our Company. Please Bare With us. We look Forward of Serving you Better


MMA Administration


 Dramatic Fall and Rise – Malik Noureed Awan

He lived up in style, making a fortune for his MMA group and at the same time helping millions of satisfied investors to live their dream until a single event turned the life upside down.

Meet once a young entrepreneur of Asia, Malik Noureed Awan, whose only vision was to grow his MMA Group of company which he named after his father Late Malik Mushtaq Awan. Little did he know that his dream will cost him 3 years of his life.noureed

Year 2012, he was fighting against the false accusation by his ex-wife and small time singer Annie. At the same period major financial organizations were charged with inside trading disturbing world economy. Many institutions went into loss and most of them closed down. MMA Group was also bared with the effect going into more than $500m losses.

Noureed’s principal asset which later turned to be his weakness was his cared for his investor unlike other companies who gave up and closed down the company without thinking of their clients. In the year 2013 he returned to his second home Dubai with an aim to recover the fatalities and pay back to his dependable investors within 3 months. But little did he know that group of unsecured investors will turn antagonist and file case against him. He was detained immediately without giving him a chance to address his investors and was put behind bars for 3 years.

Rumors were high, there was protest outside his office with few investors thinking this is the last possibility to recover their money. Have they had patience things would have turned in their favor and an honest entrepreneur the owner of MMA Group wouldn’t have been serving 3 years.

Most of the people thought the story is over, MNA is history and he will not see outside world for at least 10-20 years. He took all the allegations and torture with positive attitude as his only vision was to pay back to the people who showed trust in him.

As they say when its dark its dark, same was the case for He as he lost his parents and was not even allowed to be at their funeral. Just when he was dealing with the biggest loss,news broke out that his younger brother has been abducted by one of the investor (name withheld).From fghting all the accusations by his ex-wife, allegations of few investors to coping up with loss of his parents, made Noureed Awan Malik more stronger and determined to face the world.

May 9th 2016 was the date when he was released from the Jail. Generally, someone who has seen 3 years of jail will want to go back to his home country and rest for good few months but He had some other plans in his mind. The first thing Malik did after his release was to contact all his investors and setup a conference to sort out the long pending issue. Definitely, this need lots of courage to face the people who thought he ran away with their money. Most of the investor have lost all the hopes about their investment. But it is really commendable that Noureed Awan has shown to the world that if your intentions are good, you can conquer the world.

Right now He is rebuilding his empire and as claimed in his first International Partner Conference held on 4th June 2016 in Dubai, soon all the investors will receive their investments along with the profit.