The evil eye is a kind of magical curse. It is supposed to cause negative consequences such as harm, illness, unhappiness and even death of a living being. It can also cast a curse on some people.

If you’ve ever been around a negative person, someone who is jealous of you but still compliments you or who admires what you have, you will feel about the other person's harmful intentions or jealousy. Sometimes you may feel that after you’ve left someone, you feel physically sick, or somehow feel weakened by their presence. This person may have ill thoughts against you.

evil eye

Several cultures and countries recognize this energy as the “Evil Eye.” It can be shed on anyone or anything. It can include an individual, an animal, plants, as well as non-living objects.

Symptoms of Evil Eye

To ensure that the evil eye has stricken the mature person or child or office or home, let's see the significant signs of evil eye

The harmful, evil energy of a jealous person can create challenging situations for the victim by being evident in various forms such as:

  • Physical (disease, weakness, infections, nausea, stomach upset, fever)

  • Mental (depression, feeling low, vulnerable)

  • Circumstantial (losses, accidents, repeated failure, theft, many other problems in personal/professional life)

Safety Measures

The best way to deal with the evil eye is to avoid it in the first place. The method to cure evil eye varies by culture, geographic region, and personal preference. There are many precautions which can be done to avoid the negative power of evil eye which are as follows:

  • Do not show off your wealth and avoid disclosing your income and financial status.

  • Avoid eating in front of strangers or person who is hungry.

  • Don’t brag about your possessions like expensive jewelry before less fortunate people.

  • Try to ignore negative thoughts as this will turn into heavy negative energy. Be grateful of what you have and stay positive.

  • Protect and take good care of your new born babies.

  • Don’t be proud of your children’s success in front of others. Keep it hidden and let their success speak for themselves.

  • Stay away from frequent arguments and clashes as it generate negative energy in the house and will cause problems.

  • Meditate, pray and be thankful to God.

Negative energy does not only mean evil gaze, but it also includes jealousy, unnecessary admiration, self-pity or desire of having/owning something you don't have, and the other person owns it. It should be kept in mind that the Evil Eye can be cast intentionally or unintentionally which means that a person may be unaware of his negative thoughts.

In most religions, it is believed if you regularly pray and do religious practice, a shield around you will drawn which will protect against the negative power and effects of evil eye. This should be your eternal belief. Don’t show off and proud of your material things in this world. Always stay down to earth, humble and decent and think positive for yourself and others.

Author: Malik Noureed Awan

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Have you ever heard of misrepresentation of facts presented in the court that claim an innocent as guilty? Did you ever come across an exaggeration of principles added to some religious values that lead to extremism?  Were you ever involved in a relationship where you were cheated for wealth?

Mr. Malik Noureed Awan was sentenced to life imprisonment because he was accused of a crime that he did not commit and did not have enough resources to hire a good lawyer for himself. A villager killed his wife for not obeying him in the name of religion. A young boy cheated on his lover and ran away with all her assets. Two very close friends parted their ways because one of them pitched the other by revealing his secrets to the world.


What Exactly is Deception?

The answer to all these questions and to the incidents mentioned above is Yes. We all have been through or witnessed such acts of deception in our everyday lives. Be it a grave issue in the court, a religious matter or a simple relation between two friends, the art of deception has been pitching people since years. Deception, in its simplest forms, means cheating someone to gain personal benefits. However, this term has a lot more to it.

Ways of Deceiving People

There are a number of ways through which deception can occur. Firstly, lies which include making up of information that is different from the truth can lead to deception. For instance, the lawyer in opposition might have lied about the victim killing a person for money when the truth is quite opposite to it. Secondly, equivocations or making ambiguous or indirect statements that are contradictory are also used as a tool for deceiving. The young boy might have made indirect statements and took all the assets from the girl, telling her that they both will enjoy these in future and then deceived her by eloping with them. Thirdly, exaggerations or overstating certain facts create deception. For example, the villager would have exaggerated on the religious facts about the wives disobeying their husbands and killed her in the name of religion. Other ways of deceiving include concealment or understating the aspects of truth.

Motives Behind Deception

Now, one might wonder what motives do these deceivers have when they plan to cheat on others. Following  are some of the motives:

  • The instrumental motive behind such acts is to protect one's resources or to avoid punishment. Like in the case of court, the other party deceived the innocent victim just to escape punishment themselves.
  • The relational motive states that such behaviors are sometimes observed to maintain relationships or bonds.
  • The identity motive on the other hand is to preserve the self-image of the deceiver.

Is Deception Justified?

Whatever the reason may be, deception in itself is labelled as a fraud or a way of misleading others. It cannot be justified in any case as long as it harms the other party and leads to violation of rules and expectations, feelings of betrayal and distrust between two parties.

Author: Malik Noureed Awan

© Copyright 2018, All Rights Reserved.