2018 has been declared the year for the magnificent and awe-inspiring his highness late Sheikh Zayed. While surfing through youtube, I came across a video that has been stuck in my mind ever since. That video made me proud beyond words to be a part of UAE. The words that are still embedded in my minds make me believe that enigmatic leaders can still be out there that care for our children. In that video about the magnificent and royally respectful Sheikh Zayed, came a quote that made me believe that the creator of UAE was a living angel. The inspiration that the respected Sheikh Zayed instilled in my mind still baffles me and I can literally read about him for decades. The power, the aura and the legacy he left behind is impeccable.

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Have you ever imagine, why UAE is the most sought after nation in today’s world? Why has UAE emerged as one of the major powers in the Arab world? The answer to these questions lay embedded in the efforts put forth by this exceptional man known as the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

The real wealth of the country is made up of men,of children & of future generations.

It is this which constitutes the real treasure”

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Early years:

His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan late was born in 1918 in Al Ain. He was the UAE’s founding father who left behind a legacy of ethical values such as equality, tolerance, donations, and big-heartedness that have stayed long following his 33-year leadership.

A man of peace and vision, he endorsed the virtues of compromise, motive, and dialogue, in a region troubled by crises and conflicts. The long-lasting legacy of his highness Sheikh Zayed, who was blessed with an imaginative mind and generous heart, is celebrated to this day while his offerings and initiatives are a manifestation of his rare skills as a real leader.

A great leader, appreciated by rich and poor, and an inspiration to many. His highness Sheikh Zayed always emphasizes that the real wealth is not material gain, but his investment in people who would ultimately build the future of the nation.

The sectors of Education, Health, and social welfare improved drastically under his leadership, and so did the economy.

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The battle for oil:

"Arab oil can never be dearer than Arab blood."

The marvellous his highness Sheikh Zayed used oil revenues to auxiliary advance the UAE and built a healthy economy. Subsequently, the UAE ranked amongst the region’s most economically developed countries and the second biggest economy in the GCC region, after Saudi Arabia.

He was firmly persuaded that truthfulness, sincerity, and loyalty were essential characteristics of a leadership that was dedicated to serving its people.

The major & massive achievements of Sheikh Zayed:

Here are five massive achievements the late Sheikh Zayed is remembered for:

1. Built housing facilities, schools, health services, the airport, seaport, roads, bridges.

2. His faith in cooperation and unity amongst Arabs was ideal. He understood that for Abu Dhabi to flourish, collaboration with its tribal neighbors was essential.

3. he did massive foreign aid and assistance to those in need.

4. Sheikh Zayed the great gave power to Emirati women and allowed them to work in different fields of life.

5. He invested in his people, for their prosperity.

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The savior of the neighbours:

However, the UAE has not just offered support to its Arab neighbors, but to all developing nations. In 1975, it lent $100 million to carry programmes in Pakistan, one of its primary diplomatic allies. It has nonstop supported Pakistan’s development; financial support to educational institutions, hospitals, and infrastructure. In Pakistan, almost 87 million vaccines have been circulated. Vaccinators in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province have given the two-drop oral polio vaccine to more than 20 million children under five. The amount of polio cases in Pakistan has dropped to 38 so far this year from 328 in 2014.

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The creator of safe haven:

Sheikh Zayed was grown up to be a great leader and all-around a very wise man. He united the seven emirates and built the U.A.E as we know it today. He Ruled his land with peace and mind. With his rule, the U.A.E would become the safe place it is today.

His Highness Sheikh Zayed was an exceptional leader who had no formal education and lived the average life of an ordinary person. His name will stay closely linked with the cause of peace and development in the world to which he devoted his life.


Author: Malik Noureed Awan

© Copyright 2018, All Rights Reserved.




Young children aren’t prepared to learn about all the vitamins and other nutrition values in their food or their likely damaging effects of eating loads of sweets and processed foods. By promoting a supportive atmosphere, you and your family can make a positive relationship with healthy food. You can guide them by your example.

healthy diet

Create an environment where your kids can build healthy nutritional choices. It is the most critical step that you can take to make sure your child's health. Also, let your kids know that sometimes its fine to eat all foods in moderation.

Here are guidelines to divert your children to eat healthy food and make sensible nutritional lifestyle:

  1. 1.    Try to assist your child to begin good eating, exercising and sleeping pattern early in their life. This will benefit parents as they won't have to break bad habits later on.
  2. 2.    Keep healthy food available and within reach of kids at home. Kids will eat what's accessible and ready to be munched.
  3. 3.    Always admire healthy choices for your kids. Give them a proud smile or a hug and praise when they prefer healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole wheat, or low-fat dairy products.
  4. 4.    Sometimes let your kids choose what they want to eat. Let them think and select food and eat independently because sometimes kids wish to options at snack time, so consider offering them different healthy snacks every day, so they don’t get bored.
  5. 5.    If children don’t like to eat any fruit or vegetables, present them fruit juices and smoothies like Mango milkshake, apple juice made at home. Even carrot juice has lots of Vitamin.
  6. 6.    Don’t quit easily on helping children make healthy food choices. Research demonstrates that most children require multiple experiences to try new foods.
  7. 7.    If you engage kids in preparing food, or going grocery shopping, and planning meals, they will turn out to be more interested in the process and likely to eat.
  8. 8.     Try to have lunch or dinner together with your family. They are also the ideal place to discuss healthy eating habits and engage your children in a discussion about what a healthy meal looks and tastes like
  9. 9.    Eating out is unhealthy as well as expensive too. Try to limit eating out and prefer home cooked food.
  10. 10.     Select healthy dessert options like low-fat frozen yogurt and fruit are an excellent substitute for ice cream and sprinkles.


It can be hard for parents to be the role model for their children in choosing healthy food as sometimes it unrealistic too. We all love junk food and sweet things, but it’s necessary to teach children to make good eating habits from an early age. Try your best to display good eating habits, and it will undoubtedly impact your child. Kids will copy your eating habits so always maintain a healthy approach towards food. This will help them throughout their life to eat right and stay healthy.


Author: Malik Noureed Awan

© Copyright 2018, All Rights Reserved.