Do you know that Lizards absolutely love mosquitoes? They thrive in an environment filled with mosquitoes. It’s like their favorite dine out place. Mosquitoes are small, midge-like flies. They aren’t the strongest kind of fliers and are quite slow in comparison to other insects such as flies and wasps. They feed on the blood of various types of hosts, mainly vertebrates, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and even some kinds of fish. Mosquito-borne diseases cause millions of deaths all around the world every year with an inconsistent effect on kids and the elderly in developing countries.


Mosquitoes breed in soft, moist soil or stagnant water sources such as storm drains, old tires, children's wading pools and birdbaths.


We usually say Mosquito bit us, but this is not true. Mosquitoes do not bite. Female mosquitoes nourish on plant nectar and blood. They require the protein to reproduce. They pierce our skin with their "proboscis" to get to the blood and suck our blood. Male mosquitoes feed wholly on plant nectars. Mosquitoes are busiest at night and will fly up to 14 miles for a blood meal. They look for food by detecting body heat and Carbon Dioxide, the gas we breathe out.


Life Cycle and Breeding

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Like all insects, mosquitoes emerge from eggs and go throughout numerous stages in their life cycle before becoming adults. The females produce eggs in water, and the larva and pupa stages live completely in water. When the pupa changes into adults, they depart from water and become free-flying land insects. The life cycle of a mosquito can differ from one to several weeks depending upon the species. The adult, mated females of some species can survive the winter in cold, moist places until spring when they will lay their eggs and die.

World’s Deadliest Animal

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When we hear: ‘world’s deadliest animal,’ we will most likely think of sharks, tigers, crocodiles and other fierce creatures. Well, it’s mosquitoes. Why? Well, it’s full of harmful diseases that they are known to spread.

A mosquito's bite can cause much more than an itchy red bump. The list of adverse reactions is long, though most mosquito-related diseases cause symptoms that are similar to the flu, including headaches, body aches, joint pain, and fever. In severe cases, infections can lead to encephalitis (inflammation of the brain), coma, and even death.

Mosquito Diseases

Mosquitoes spread several harmful diseases such as Malaria, Zika, and Dengue to name a few. It is believed that as a result of this, mosquitoes are responsible for around 1 million deaths per year. More than 50 percent of the world’s population is presently at risk from mosquito-borne diseases. Some more severe illnesses caused by mosquitoes are:

1. Dengue Fever

2. Chikungunya Virus

3. West Nile

4. Malaria

5. Yellow Fever

Mosquito bite

Only female mosquitoes bite human beings to consume blood as feeding enable the mosquito to produce eggs. Our blood is loaded with protein and other compounds which female mosquitoes need to help produce and develop their eggs.

When feeding, a mosquito pierces the skin like a needle and injects saliva into a person’s skin. This allows the disease-causing agent into the site. On the other hand, male mosquitoes don’t depend on human blood to grow as it feeds only on the nectar of flora.


  1. There are more than 3,500 types of mosquitoes
  2. Mosquito is Spanish for “little fly.”
  3. Mosquitoes don't have teeth.
  4. A mosquito can sip up to three times its weight in blood
  5. Feminine mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs at a time
  6. Mosquitoes spend their first ten days in water
  7. Mosquitoes hibernate
  8. The common mosquito lifespan is less than two months
  9. Male mosquitoes locate females by the sound of their wings.
  10. Mosquitoes fly below 25 feet
  11. Sweat helps mosquitoes choose their victim
  12. Saliva causes the bumps from mosquito bites.
  13. Mosquitoes do not transmit HIV
  14. Dark clothing attracts mosquitoes.
  15. The two main mosquito predators are fish and dragonflies.


  • Replace all sluggish water at least once a week.
  • Remove trash from around any standing water.
  • When sleeping outdoors or in areas where mosquitoes are more, surround your bed with "mosquito" netting.
  • Cover your skin as much as you can when you’re outside, and mosquitoes are active.
  • Close screen windows, doors and other openings with fine mesh.
  • Avoid going out at night.
  • Insecticide spraying is used to kill adult mosquitoes.


Author: Malik Noureed Awan

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Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world regarding population, economic rates, and investments, and for good reason. Dubai is a hub to some of the most amazing attractions in the world. From the world’s biggest shopping mall to the tallest building, and countless other things, there’s something for everyone to enjoy when they move to Dubai.

move to dubai

Dubai will delight you with its sights, sounds, and smells. It is welcoming in nature, accommodates multiple cultures and in return only ask for its own culture and heritage to be respected and well-thought-of.

Keep reading to find out why you should move here:


For a country that depends on tourism and so issues visas in less than 24 hours, Dubai is an extremely safe place. Dubai allows citizens from almost every country to visit, live and work.

Tax-free lifestyle

Dubai’s tax-free salaries combined make it one of the best places to live in the world. Not only do wages go untaxed, but food, restaurants, and all other goods are also untaxed as well. This saves people a considerable amount of money.

Countless attractions

In Dubai, everything is about variety, and that holds true when it comes to attractions. With everything from lush, green parks in the middle of the desert for outdoor lovers to lofty shopping malls for window shoppers and fashionistas alike,

Freedom of religion

Muslims, Christians, Hindus - everyone has a place of worship. Dubai is supportive of all religions. It has given us an excellent understanding and respect for various faiths, cultures, and societies.

Shopping and Lifestyle Destination

Dubai boasts of the largest shopping mall in the world by total area. From global brands to incredible attractions, from indoor ski resort to world’s most massive aquariums, the malls in Dubai have them all.

Ease of Communication:

A vast majority of Dubai’s population are expatriates and Emiratis, as the locals are called, form only about th of the population. With people from the world over, English has become the primary language of Dubai.

Weather of the City

Dubai City has a pleasant climate for about 8 to 9 months of the year that lets everyone to enjoy almost all outdoor activities and beaches available here.

Fun and Leisure Activities at Dubai

Dubai is not only a land of opportunities for business and job seekers instead it also has much for travelers, visitors, and holidaymakers across the world. Travelers and migrants have unlimited fun activities to enjoy any time even during night time. There are such a vast variety of activities and events available for people of all age groups.

Low Crime Rate

For a place that has the diversity of this range, Dubai has a meager crime rate. Being a tourist destination, Dubai takes its law and order very seriously.

Educational Facilities for Children

A vast range of schools and educational institutes are located in different locations that offer different curriculum to students.

After reading all the above reasons to live in Dubai, rest assure you won't regret moving to Dubai.


Author: Malik Noureed Awan

© Copyright 2018, All Rights Reserved.