With pluralism, the world has found a common ground to live on but that does not guarantee a peaceful ground. For years the tug of war in the name of religion has given unimaginable grim events. These intolerable events have questioned the role of humanity multiple times.  The inter-religious conflicts ensue due to the difference in religious affiliations. The theological beliefs differ for every individual thus creating a strong boundary between different religious groups.

Due to the religious uproar, the masses often indulge in violence mainly exerting their power on religious minorities. This has led to some shocking and irreversible aftermath. To give a bitter taste of the reality, some of the incidents of religious conflicts and its consequences are given below.

  1. The Plight of Muslim Minorities in India


The contemporary state of Muslim minorities in India

The abject misery of Muslims in India is not concealed. Though the government tries its best to sweep it under the rug, the plight has reached every ear. Physical violence and lynching are common practices in India making it difficult for the minorities to survive. The religious conflict reached its limit when on 22nd June 2017 three Muslims were killed in West Bengal by Hindus. They were accused of cow smuggling. Moreover, never-ending religious riots make their way to the headlines every day.

  1. Dublin calls out for Religious Discrimination in schools


200 people marched through Dublin to protest against religious discrimination


Roopesh Panicker, the mother of a 4-year-old Eva encountered an unimaginable problem when it became difficult for her to find a school for her daughter. The local Catholic school in south Dublin refused to admit the Hindu child. This called the attention of over 200 people who joined the protest to end religious conflict and discrimination. Mrs. Panicker said “We are not anti-religion. We just want to take religion out of the school. We should make sure our taxpayer-funded schools are for everyone”.

We as inhabitants of a modern and advanced world are still dictated by our conservative ideas. These ideas hold us back and for some people, it acts as an obstacle to hinder their social mobility.  

Author: Malik Noureed Awan

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