Music appeals to the aesthetic sense but it does carry some harmful effects. For years we have been listening to some exquisite pieces of music and truth be told they enliven the experience. Music relieves you from stress and sometimes adds a flavor of energy to your mundane routine. In such a case, mustering courage to assert that music can be deleterious to health can open a door for rebuttal. To claim the stance, we have gathered some evidence for you to make it substantial.

  1. Damages your hearing sense


Music has a potential to damage your hearing ability. A ubiquitous presence of portable music devices and earphones contribute to this. People who are on their daily commute prefer to use headphones. This can lead to an onset-tinnitus which is an incessant ringing in the ears. It also affects your hearing ability.

  1. Increases neuroses


Emotions are often regulated by music. In today’s world where depression and anxiety are common among teenagers as well as adults, this can be counted as a bad news. A daunting or melancholic sound can increase neuroses thus affecting the mental health of the listener. The lyrics affect the senses and the listeners find it relatable. This triggers negative emotions leading the person to fall into a dark pit of pessimism.

  1. Inappropriate languag


The use of inappropriate language is common in songs. In the modern world, the personalized devices like headphones preclude parents to keep a check on their children. They learn bad words and often indulge in bad mouthing. With this, the parents can find it difficult to deal with the situation. It also creates a barrier between the parents and their children.

So it can be seen that music has the potential to negatively affect the listeners. The modern music can damage your senses. 

Author: Malik Noureed Awan

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