A Politician

A politician is someone who participates in how the country is run. He or she usually is part of a political party which is a group that shares similar beliefs about the country’s welfare. The political system of a nation is an essential sign of what it is like to live there. Some methods work well, and public services such as health and education are excellent. In other countries, corruption or inefficiency leads to poor services.

dirty politics

What is Dirty Politics?

Dirty Politics means when politicians do not use proper tactics against their opposition. This could include using the media, not being honest and also getting other people to expose information about other people.

Politician’s real faces

All the politicians take votes in the name of poverty, development, education, health, providing essential amenities to citizens, inflation, etc. but never take appropriate measures to solve these problems. The entire politicians have close and secure connections with policemen, business/corporate houses, judges, and media. Off camera all have a good friendship with MNCs (Multinational companies), and they run media houses. There are many times internal understanding or compromises between some political parties also happen. Party in opposition will always shout loud about their promises but as soon as they are in power they forget pledges and when reminded of promises cover up their failures with some other achievements.

Dirty Politics in Pakistan

Pakistan is facing a difficult time, poverty is at peak, and inflation is rising you can say that Pakistan is almost finished. Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen resigned due to the worst economic condition. All Pakistani and the next coming generations are in heavy debt what is the solution to all the problems and what are the causes of Pakistan worst situation.

It is all happening because of the dirty political system of Pakistan. Lack of honest and sincere leaders in the politics contributes to the worst condition of Pakistan. For the progress of any country the critical thing is sincere government at least sincere with the state and its nation, but unfortunately, Pakistan is such a country which is lack of sincere people in its politics.

Pakistan politics is said to be called the dirty politics in which corrupt people get elected and become the leaders of the state. Foreign involvement in Pakistan politics has proved that Pakistan is being ruled by so-called puppet government who are begging in front of so-called superpowers and getting money in the name of Aid. All aid is going in personal accounts of our so-called government officials.

Dirty politics of Pakistan is playing a most critical factor in destabilizing our country and we the citizens’ are equally responsible for whatever happens in Pakistan because we are doing nothing. We need to think before we elect a politician with good qualities.

Qualities in Politician

Deciding which candidate to vote for the country is merely a matter of party affiliation for a lot of people. However, other people cast their votes based on characteristics they should look for in their candidate of choice. So what should be the qualities or characteristics good politician should possess? Here are the top attributes of some of the world’s most successful politicians:


Honesty makes the character and builds credibility and trust, which are the foundation to evoke confidence and respect from those around you. It reveals who we are and discloses our mistakes, which gives others the opportunity to criticize or reject openly.


Real compassion is a characteristic that converts knowledge to wisdom.  Good political leaders use empathy to see the needs of those he or she leads and to determine the course of action that would be of most significant benefit to all those involved.


It’s a vital characteristic for politicians. Political leaders who possess sincerity can be trusted because he or she never go against inner values, even if it is benefiting them to do so. A leader must have the trust of his followers. This requires the highest standard of integrity.


Confidence is about having faith or belief in a political leader that he or she will act in a proper, or effective way.  A good politician needs to be confident in himself or herself and should have the ability to lead.  Leaders who possess this quality inspire others,


A political leader is about understanding the give-and-take aspects of politics, and the ability to find common ground.  This characteristic allows political leaders to recognize setbacks and criticism, to learn from them and move forward.

Great Political Leaders

They should have all of these qualities and more.  Each aspires to respect different views, analyze problems, and identify the best solutions not based on loyalty to a political party but somewhat based on what is good and right and in the best interest of the country as a whole. Its high time now that honest people should step up, and these corrupt people should be thrown out from our country. In this way, only Pakistan will progress and will be saved otherwise survival of Pakistan is at stake.

Author: Malik Noureed Awan

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