You are a good girl, but all of your crushes friend zone you and date your bad girlfriends instead? Let me tell you why it’s okay to be the girl everyone wants to be friends with. Let me explain why it’s not tragic that good girls finish last and they aren’t Miss Popular. Most importantly, let me tell you why you’re the lucky one.

Men do, in fact, love lively women who can stand their ground and set up boundaries. Being polite is just one side of the equation. Good girls finish last because they aren’t open with what they want. Fine girls often don’t get what they want and deserve because they don’t ask for it.

It’s okay to be the last one:

Don’t give up on your happily ever after, here’s why it’s okay that good girls finish last:

1. You are an all-rounder. You participate in band, the drama club, the debate team, and advanced Chemistry because you didn’t spend time as a spoilt girl.

last one girl

2. You don’t have too many scars because you did not give up on your hopes, confidence, and dreams.

3. The “real guys” want to date nice girls as they want a genuinely good girl to form a real relationship with.

4. You know what you want and also what you want out of a guy.

5. You have plenty of time to explore your interests and do the things that you want to do and not wasting life with Mr. Wrong

6. You won’t settle for less because you deserve much better. After all, you have waited all your life.

7. You’re more mature than other girls, and that is very important for the right kind of man.

8. Your man will appreciate you because of your interests and maturity.

9. Your relationship has a higher chance of lasting as you will only settle with the right guy after waiting for all this time.

10. You’re still genuinely happy even if you feel like you’re last and that you’ll never find love.

Your happiness is vital to your self-worth, and you will be satisfied even if you’re still waiting for the right man.

Conclusion Your happiness is indeed all that matters in life. So why worry about being “last” when you already know that you’re wonderful?

Everything has its upsides and its downsides. You prefer to be good, even though that’s much harder than being irresponsible and bad, because that completes you and makes you happy, and the man you end up with will see your real worth and love you for it. What do you think; does it pay off being the good girl? Of course, it does. Nice girls are a dime a dozen. They have no conspiracy and show little in return. They suppose that being nice is enough. And perhaps in the qualifying rounds, it is but to reach the next level, you have to step it up.

Author: Malik Noureed Awan

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