MMA Financial Investments

With over 100K+ registered customers worldwide and volumes of more than $20 billion a month,MMA Financial Services which was founded in 2006 by a team of finance professionals and experts in Internet technology, MMA Investments is dedicated to creating the ultimate on-line trading experience. What makes MMA Financical Services unique in the world of online trading is its user-oriented perspective.Our company is dedicated to the highest standards of integrity and security and we spare no effort in protecting our customers' funds, using a thorough understanding of Internet banking technology to do so.

Airlines Management

MMA Airlines was formed with the only aim in mind if luxury for the customers.When you take to the skies in the comfort of a modern airlines, with well-trained flight crew and confident in the capabilities of the flight captain, thats the exact process we create for your comfort.MMA Group has a team of dedicated professionals, including pilots, navigators, ATCcontrollers, flight engineers and airline marketing gurus, ensuring excellence in everything we do.

MMA Heavy Equipments

MMA Heavy Equipments under the supervision of Mr Malik Noureed Awan  is one of the most successfull heavy equipments suppliers of UAE, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. It was founded in under MMA Group, and it has established a broad network of satisfied customers worldwide. Being one of the top heavy equipment companies in UAE, we supply a wide range of high quality used heavy equipment, machinery and specialized attachments for competitive prices.

MMA Media Services

MMA Media Services, founded by Mr.Malik Noureed Awan has full fledged inhouse trained and expert staff to delvier the most successful and memorable commucation and event hitting the right target audience.Our team assist the client in  every aspect of multimedia production, creative design, communications, digital development and event management.